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New After the Burial Song Has Dat OG Sumeriancore Bounce!


IMO After the Burial — more than any other band — are the textbook example of what people mean when they utter the phrase “Sumeriancore.” They’ve got a healthy mix of tech-death, djent, prog, and melodic accessibility in equal measures, aka that early Sumeriancore sound! Like similar genre tags such as “alternative” and “metalcore,” Sumeriancore has evolved beyond what it first represented five years ago into something some would say is wholly unrecognizable, but thankfully we’ve still got After the Burial waving the OG Sumeriancore flag high and proud.

After the Burial kinda lost me with their last album In Dreams — they strayed too far from their OG Sumeriancore template and tried to get all artsy, if you ask me — but there’s pro-shot footage of a new song called “A Wolf Amongst Ravens” the band performed in Russia last week and it seems like AtB are getting back to the basics that made Rareform so special. Dat bounce! The band has been performing this song for a while but this is by far the clearest version around. Check it:

[via Metal Injection]

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