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Slash Becomes an Angry Bird


Speaking as the sole carbon-based lifeform on the planet who has not yet played Angry Birds or any variation thereof, I can only examine Slash’s new version of the theme music for Angry Birds Space (which — and I’m just taking a shot in the dark here — is Angry Birds, only set in space) as a new Slash track. And in that regard, it’s not at all bad. I mean, the melody is certainly catchy, and Slash sounds, as always, like Slash. If you have a spot for the way he plays — which I myself most certainly do — you’ll probably dig this.

Right now you have to purchase the newly-updated version of Angry Birds Space to hear Slash’s contribution, but I imagine it will be sold as an mp3 on its own sometime soon, because, well, why not make some extra money, y’know?

In the meantime, you can check it out via the below video:

And here’s a video of Slash discussing the recording of the song:


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