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Stream Two Minutes of New TesseracT Music


Tesseract - Altered State

Posts ’round these parts about TesseracT’s forthcoming new album have been light because up until now there’s been no new music to hear, just endless press releases about information pertaining to the album. I will sum it all up for you right now in one sentence: it’s called Altered State, it’ll be released May 28th, and it consists of one single 51-minute song divided into four movements and ten tracks. See? That was easy.

But today we finally get to hear some new music. No idea which album track this clip is from, but it sounds pretty good, and it’s noticeably more commercial and catchy than anything the band has done in the past (which is not necessarily a bad thing). This is the second time we’re hearing new vocalist Ashe O’ Hara (the first being on the song “Nocturne” they released this past fall), and IMO he sounds great.

Could the above screen grab be some incarnation of the Altered State album artwork? Possibly. We’ll know soon enough.

In other TesseracT news, check out the Big Bottoms interview we recently published with TesseracT bassist Amos Williams.

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