Add This Guy to Our Top 25 Modern Metal Frontmen Countdown: Ancient Wind’s Robert Inferno


You may (or more likely may not) remember Ancient Wind from the time we featured their hilarious video for “Eaters of the Dead” as our Best Video Ever of the Day. Based on the fact that the band’s vocalist, a solid 3 hundo pounder, started out said video by jumping out of a lake wearing a skimpy bikini you’d never guess that he’s an absolutely hysterical frontman, would you? But ’tis true: the guy is a true master of hilarious stage-banter and shit-talking of the highest order, and he’s at his best in this video sent in by MS reader Rob O.

Watch this three-minute supercut of all of his stage banter from a recent show in Colorado, followed by a performance of “Eaters of the Dead.” A+++++ WDBWA. Will someone call the dudes in Suffocation and tell them this guy is available whenever Frank Mullen is unavailable?

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