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Download the New Fulgora EP for $0.00


Fulgora - Risen:Artifice

Fulgora, the new band featuring Pig Destroyer/Misery Index drummer Adam Jarvis, his cousin John Jarvis (bass), and B.L. LaMew (guitars/vocals), have released their debut two-song EP today, and I’m happy to report that it’s the aural equivalent of realizing that’s cleaning detergent and not cocaine you just snorted.

That would be good news in and of itself, except oh yeah you can download the damn thing for free thanks to Agoraphobic Nosebleed vocalist Jay Randall’s consistently-awesome Grindcore Karaoke label. I’m putting a stream below in case you’re feeling really super-duper precious about hard drive space and wanna sample the release before you DL it, but let me spoil how this ends for you: the music is awesome, you love it, and then you go download it. You can also purchase a limited edition 7″  from Cricket Cemetery Records here.

[via Invisible Oranges]

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