Erlen Meyer: This Band is Awesome


Erlen Meyer

So I discover this new awesome band called Erlen Meyer on Metal Injection and of course it turns out that they’re from France. Where else would they be from? France is shitting out quality metal bands these days faster than you can say “François Hollande.” Why they decided to name their band after a type of laboratory flask eludes me, however.

In any case, check this shit out. It’s sludgy and doomy and proggy and tight and dynamic and dramatic. The general pace and structure remind me of Cult of Luna while the harmonic choices call to mind Ulcerate’s deliberate, arpeggiated death metal churn. Watch the video for “Agatha” below. The song comes from Erlen Meyer’s debut self-titled, set for worldwide release through shelsmusic on May 20th, 2013. Follow the band on Facebook in the meantime.


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