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The New Asking Alexandria Song Will be “The Death of Me”


Asking Alexandria

What would you ask Alexandria for if you could ask Alexandria anything? Would you ask Alexandria for world peace? An end to poverty? Diet soda that actually does taste like regular soda?

I’d ask Alexandria to please see to it that I never have to hear this new Asking Alexandria song again. I would also ask Alexandria why the band chose such a dumb name. Then I’d probably ask her for a blowjob, because, y’know, it’s a numbers game.

“The Death of Me” will appear on Asking Alexandria’s new album, From Death to Destiny, which will be out who the fuck cares on Sumerian. If anyone can figure out what the phrase “from death to destiny” means, mazel tov, you’re imaginary, because it doesn’t mean a goddamn thing. Kinda like “Asking Alexandria.”

[via Lambgoat]

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