When Dave Met Willie…


when dave met willie

Dave Mustaine sent out the below tweets earlier today:

I very much doubt this will happen — I mean, I could talk to Willie (I love that Dave has decided that they’re on a first-name basis after like ten seconds) about doing a guest blog here on MetalSucks and he could listen and someone could snap a photo and I could use it to drum up publicity, but it wouldn’t mean Willie was doing the guest blog.

I mean, what do these guys have in common? Certainly not that they both know who Dave Mustaine is. They both love weed. They both play guitar. I guess you could argue that they both sing, although I’d hardly call what Mustaine does “singing.” One of them is a household name, and one of them was fired by guys who went on to become household names. They both made headlines discussing President Obama during the last election cycle… although Nelson did it supporting Obama while Mustaine did it being batshit crazy.

Sooo… yeah. That happened.

[via Metal Insider]

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