What the...??

The New Adema EP Has the Best Album Art in the History of Ever Ever Ever


Do you remember Adema? I would not blame if you don’t. The only reason they were ever even kinda-sorta well known is because their vocalist was Jonathan Davis from Korn’s little brother, or half-brother, or step brother, or some other designation that enabled him to get on MTV’s Return of the Rock.

ANYWAY, the reason I mention Adema now is this: last week, reader Professor D. Grover the XIIIth sent us what he claimed was the cover for a new Adema EP called Topple the Giants. And I didn’t post it right away because I seriously thought he was pulling our leg. I mean, to call it “awful” would be an insult to awful album art. It looks like one of my shitty Photoshop jobs. Actually, I think I’ve made some Photoshop jobs that are superior to this. I can’t imagine any band that wants to be taken even semi-seriously releasing this.

And yet, it’s true. It’s on their Facebook page and everything.

This is the cover of Adema’s Topple the Giants:

Adema - Topple the Giants

So I guess the band has really fallen on hard times since splitting with Jonathan Davis from Korn’s little brother, or half-brother, or step brother, or whatever he is. Still, you’d think the band could have gone to the local community college’s design course and hired any number of people who would not have created the Montezuma’s Revenge of album covers, y’know?

Topple the Giants is out now digitally. If you want a physical copy of this masterpiece to frame and put on your wall, you’ll need to wait until April 16.


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