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New Music from Two Revocation-Affiliated Bands: Artificial Brain and Living Void


Artificial Brain / Living Void

Hey MetalSucks reader: you love Revocation because you have in good taste in music, and if I know you as well as I think I do you’re gonna love these two bands, too. One’s the side project of a current Revocation member, and the other is a new band by their former bassist.

Revocation guitarist Dan Gargiulo, who joined the band in 2010 and instantly added much-needed live depth to Dave Davidson’s one-guitar attack, has a band of his own called Artificial Brain. How he manages to find time despite Revocation’s never-ending tour schedule is beyond me, but the band is in the studio with Colin Marston right now recording a full length. In the meantime No Clean Singing alerts us that Artificial Brain have released a new two-song EP called Butchering Cosmic Giants, and it’s available as a free download via Bandcamp. The band’s sound is much darker and European-y than Revocation, but the death metal foundation is still there and the stuff absolutely rips. Stream it below:

Meanwhile ex-Revocation bassist Anthony Buda, who left the band last year, has apparently put his pop career on hold for the time being to release a new album with the Boston-based metal band Living Void. The band describes their sound as “a searing blend of grindcore, thrash and death metal, with touches of powerviolence,” and I’d say that’s pretty accurate… emphasis on the grind element. New album Squalor straight up rips, can be ordered here (physical) or here (digital, name your own price) and streamed in full below:

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