MetalSucks is Hiring: The Official MetalSucks Podcast DJ



Folks have been asking us for years why we’ve never launched a dedicated podcast, and the answer has always been the same: we’re just too busy doing bong rips all day writing fifteen pieces of original content every day and doing all the other work that goes into keeping MetalSucks living and breathing. So finally it dawned on us… why not hire one you fuckers to do it for us? Surely there are some very talented on-air personalities amongst you.

This is how the audition process is going to work. All interested candidates should do the following:

  1. Record a spec MetalSucks podcast roughly 15 minutes in length. The format and order of the show must be: 1) Spoken introduction; 2) First song; 3) Monologue at least 2:00 long, including coverage/opinion of at least one of the week’s biggest metal news stories; 4) Second song; 5) Spoken outro. Remember, this is MetalSucks, not Boring Metalheads Anonymous, so don’t be afraid to inject some of your personality into the vocal portions. The two songs you choose to play for this audition are completely up to you.
  2. Upload your spec podcast to Soundcloud.
  3. Send an email to news[at] with PODCAST as the subject. Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you’d like the job, and include the above Soundcloud link. You do not need to attach a resume, although if you have experience with online audio or radio (i.e. you’re a college radio station DJ) you should probably tell us about that in your email.

This is a paid position. You will be working remotely from wherever you live — not at the MS Mansion in New York — so location is not a factor. The running time of the podcast will be one hour; the 15 minute time restriction is just for this audition. We will discuss compensation with qualified candidates once we have had a chance to review all submissions. Deadline for submissions is two weeks from today: Monday, May 6th, at 11:59pm EDT. Good luck!


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