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Ghost Make Sex Toys Now


When I first read about this on Metal Hammer‘s website, I thought it was a MetalSucks-style prank… but no: Ghost really are selling sex toys now.

The Ghost Phallos Mortuus Ritual Box Set, which costs a mere $200, comes with a Ghost t-shirt, a brushed metal logo charm, a Bible box case with gold embossed artwork and red velvet lining, a “divorce scroll” with a foil Ghost emblem (so you can serve that special someone divorce papers and let him or her know that you’re a Ghost fan!), plus a butt plug “with moulded Grucifix logo base,” and a dildo shaped like vocalist Papa Emeritus II’s head.

I swear, this is a really real thing:

Ghost Papa Emeritus II Dildo
Ghost Papa Emeritus II Dildo
Ghost Butt Plug
Ghost Butt Plug
The entire set
The entire set

When you order the set, you’re asked to select what size you want — men’s small, men’s large, etc. It took me a second to realize they meant the t-shirt size, not the size of the dildo and butt plug. Dimensions for that have already been supplied in the product description:

Ghost Sex Toys Measurements

While Ghost aren’t the first metal band to make their own line of sex toys — Rammstein did it in 2009 — they are, to the best of my knowledge, the first band to mold the head of the dildo to resemble a member of the band. THEY’RE INNOVATORS!!!

You can pre-order the Ghost Phallos Mortuus Ritual Box Set here. There’s also a $75 version that only comes with the dildo… and the product description says “one size fits all.” Seriously.

Thanks: Chad

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