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Steel Panther Not Playing Chad Kroeger/Avril Lavigne Wedding After All


Earlier this month, word got out that Steel Panther would be playing the wedding of Nickelsuck’s Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne, and I kinda lost my shit, ’cause Steel Panther are awesome, and Kroeger and Lavigne represent the single best reason not to consider Canada a real place.

So it’s with some relief that I report the following: according to a new Fuse interview the equally-lame Jack Osbourne conducted with Lavigne (seriously, whose fucking idea was this shit?), although Kroeger did suggest that Steel Panther play the wedding, Lavigne shot the idea down. I can’t decide if that means that Kroeger is the slightly-less-awful member of the couple for having such a cool idea, or if Lavigne is the slightly-less-awful member of the couple for saving Steel Panther the indignity of having to further associate themselves with these assholes.

In any case, you should still watch the below interview, mostly because a) Steel Panther claim they’re playing the wedding anyway, and b) Steel Panther are typically hilarious. I’m especially fond of their mistaking the sexual act of “docking” with the band Dokken.

[via Michael Starr’s Twitter account]

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