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Periphery’s Misha Mansoor is Answering Fan Questions on Formspring Right Now

Photo Credit: Maclyn Bean
Photo Credit: Maclyn Bean

I’m not all that familiar with Formspring, but from what I understand it’s a simple interface that allows people to ask other people questions and [hopefully] get quick answers. Periphery mastermind Misha Mansoor is doing exactly that right now, answering super-nerd Periphery questions* with the usual combination of patience and snarkiness that he displays here in the MetalSucks comments (*I’m not insinuating that all Periphery fans are super-nerds, although maybe they/we are… but the questions that people are asking right now are SUPER specific and nerdy). Here are but a few:

Who plays the Petrucci solo in Erised and the Guthrie solo in Have a blast live?

Mark does the Guthrie solo, and will do the Petrucci solo when we do Erised.

Previously, you had said you wanted to release both PII and Juggernaut in 2012. In retrospect, do you think this was unrealistic, or were you just not expecting PII to take off like it did? Can’t wait for Juggernaut by the way!

It was realistic until we got offered the DT tour in the middle of the time off we were supposed to have to record. We rearranged our plans to join a bucket list tour, and now Juggernaut will be something we spend much more time on and will be a better album as a result.

misha, what do you think about all the complaing coming from people about the summer slaughter line up this year?

doesn’t matter had sex

Is there anything you’ve learnt from touring with massive bands like Dream Theater and Deftones?

Yeah. Touring with bands at that level is very different. You learn a lot about touring etiquette, and it really kinda keeps you grounded. Playing to massive crowds that aren’t your own is also a very different vibe, and putting on a good and honest performance in that context can take some getting used to as well. We have learned a lot from those tours.

Head over to Formspring to pop Misha a question of your own and maybe he’ll answer. His handle is iambulb.

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