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Listen to Karnivool’s First New Song in Four Years



Update, 12:20am EDT, May 21: Turns out this track is a B-side! Phew. Stoked to hear better-sounding A-sounds from the new record.

Original Post:

Australian prog/post-rockers Karnivool have a brand new song called “The Refusal.” It premiered on Australian radio over the weekend so now, naturally, it’s online.

The first thing you’ll probably notice about it is that the production and mixing are WAY stripped down from the slick, big, sparkling sounds that we’re used to hearing from Karnivool. It’s most audible in the drums, where the crisp, tight snare and toms of yore have been replaced by much looser, rawer sounding thuds. The guitars also aren’t layered up like they usually are… there’s plenty going on here, sure, but it’s not the “wall of sound” thing Karnivool usually do. The big, shimmery atmospherics that often took the spotlight are mostly gone in favor of more subtle, muted background textures. Stream the track below or download it here.

Honestly I’m just not feeling this tune. It’s kinda like how like Thrice all of a sudden got way experimental and turned into an off-kilter indie rock band starting with Vheissu. Of course I’ll reserve judgment until I hear the new Karnivool album in full, though, since I so adored this band’s past material and one song does not an album make.

No release date or album name has been announced yet. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated.

[via The PRP]

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