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Unsigned and Unholy, Presented by Indiegogo: Teramaze


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Crowd-funding an album is all the rage these days. While the fact that established bands can raise money for pretty much any project through crowd-funding is well accepted gospel at this point, there’s been some debate as to whether the model is viable for lesser-known unsigned bands still trying to make a name for themselves in the metal world at large. At MetalSucks we certainly believe that it is, so we’ve teamed up with Indiegogo to highlight four MetalSucks-approved, up-and-coming, unsigned bands that are currently running campaigns on the platform. In the past three weeks we featured Ontario, Canada’s Mandroid Echostartheir fellow Canadians from Gatineau, Quebec, Insurrection, and the mysterious progressive black metal outfit known as Deathcode Society. Today we check out Teramaze, from Australia:

Teramaze might actually be signed and holy — they released an album called Anhedonia last year via U.S. prog micro-label Nightmare Records — but we’re gonna give them a mulligan here because they’re definitely paying for the recording of their next album themselves and there’s no mention of a label anywhere on their Indiegogo campaign. The Australian band is seeking $10,000 to record, mix, master and create artwork for a new album they hope to release later this year, and they’ve already crowd-sourced over $3,000 with 11 days left.

Teramaze play a sort of old-school form of prog metal that should appeal to fans of Dream Theater, Symphony X, Nevermore and the like. Teramaze certainly aren’t reinventing the wheel with their music, or really pushing any boundaries within the genre, but one gets the impression that’s not really the point: they’re simply trying to write memorable songs with tight, clear musicianship and a slight tip of the cap to their prog metal heroes. And at that they’ve succeeded, based on what I’ve heard of the band’s past music. Here’s their 2012 album’s title track:

Hopefully we’ll get these guys in the U.S. one of these days. Donate to Teramaze’s Indiegogo campaign here. Follow the band on Facebook.

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