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Demon Lung: U Jam?


demon lung the hundredth name

Before u start your busy wknd of fun, donate ten of your minutes to awesome Demon Lung’s awesome new jamz here and here. Oh shit hang on — did I make an internet-era mistake by putting those links so early in the story here? That is, have u all already bailed to head to the site of each jam? Um should I even continue or would that only worsen what’s shaping up to be an uncomfortable situation for all? Hmm. Okay tell u what, to be on the safe side I’ll just keep blabbing. Just for a sec. But then we go our separate ways til the next post. Oh I should ask — Do u like doomy, heavy rock? Trick question! It doesn’t matter, u want to give a fair listen to Demon Lung regardless. Ha I wasn’t going to say anything but if we did a Mad-style fold-in, “Demon Lung” kinda becomes “Dong.” They should run with that :)))

Demon Lung’s The Hundredth Name is out Tuesday. Pre-order here.

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