Atheist Frontman on Steve Flynn Crash: “The Airbag Saved His Ass”

“I hope nothing ever happens to this wrist.”

Atheist fans present and future shared a moment of panic this week when it was reported that the band’s incredible drummer Steve Flynn (above left) was involved in a serious car accident. The news arrived with little detail (and no credited source), but we were told that Flynn injured his neck, jaw, and wrist — the latter a body part that’s vital to drum performance. No matter how small, the possibility of a world with less drumming by Flynn inspired immediate despair. Then our next thought was of Roger Patterson, Atheist’s founding bassist and Cliff Burton-esque force, who died in 1991 in a car accident.

Confusion joined the stew of bad emotions as well: Again, the info was not credited to anybody, and it came probably a day or two after the accident. (Flynn, according to the metal news ghost/hacker, was already “improving swiftly at home in Atlanta.”) So we begged Kelly Shaefer, Atheist frontman and indefatigable interviewee, to enlighten us about Flynn’s scare and its impact on Atheist:

Get well soon Steve! Very very very soon!

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