This is the Music Video for “We Are”


“We Are,” the Buskaid-benefitting track featuring Serj Tankian, Ihsahn, and Devin Townsend, has a new, totally drugged-out video, and in case the phrase “totally drugged-out” didn’t give it away, yeah, I dig it. I wish the shit with Serj Tankian in the studio wasn’t in it, though. I get that they were trying to make extra-super-duper sure that everyone knew about the System of a Down vocalist’s involvement, but it seems really cheesy and totally out of place.

Loving the black light shit, though. I could watch those giant Tiki drummer dudes do tribal dances for hours.

“We Are” is available now. Download it here for just a buck… it’s for a good cause!

[via The PRP]

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