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End Your Wednesday With Some New Death Metal From GRAVE


Grave - Morbid Ascent

This is exactly what you need right now, trust us: “Venial Sin,” a brand new track by Swedish death metal legends Grave. The band released Endless Procession Of Souls just last year, but that hasn’t stopped them from writing another soaking wet slab of filthy slime that’ll see the light of day before 2013 is out.

It’s quite remarkable that Grave have been releasing music for twenty some odd years and still manage to keep things so visceral, brutal and, pardon the pun, grave. “Venial Sin” finds them at their best, ripping through sludgy, first-class death metal riffs with an element of doom to keep the pace in check. Also, not for nothin’, how cool is that album cover? A morbid ascent, indeed.

The Morbid Ascent EP comes out on September 17 via Century Media.

[via Stereogum]

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