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665 Clothing: For Metalheads Who Have Procreated


665 Clothing

Although metal-themed kids’ clothing isn’t at all a new concept, 665 Clothing (their slogan is “Slightly Less Evil”) is doing it with such adorable panache that I can’t help but share their designs with you in the event that you have children, know someone who has children, or are somehow petite enough to fit into something made for children.

Here are the designs 665 currently has available, in order from my least to most favorite —

The Danzig shirt is cute, but, y’know, very obvious:

665 I Love My Mother

Better is this King Diamond design, which demands that one have at least some actual metal knowledge to get the joke:

665 I Love My Grandma

This pun involving Lemmy is kinda funny…

665 Lemmy Have a Kiss

…but this is the one that really tickles me — sure, I know it’s silly, but COME ON:

665 Time for AbbathOh, Abbath. What did the world ever do for entertainment before you came into existence?

Purchase 665’s fine designs here.

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