Questions Raised by The Butcher Babies’ “Magnolia Blvd” Video


Are those two passed-out ladies on the couch at the beginning the vocalists? If so, doesn’t the fact that they were apparently at this bacchanal negate any moral message the clip may be attempting to convey?

Did that dude iron before he passed out, or is just, like, a way inert sleeper?

Does he know that he’s under no obligation to immediately answer his mom’s phone call? I mean, she can’t see that he’s not, like, in the shower or whatever, can she?

Why does he make no effort whatsoever to hide the sound of his cocaine snorting from his mom?

Why is the preppy dude chasing the hooded dude? Is the preppy dude pissed because the hooded dude sold him drugs and then had the gall to stand behind him while he played poker? And if that is why the preppy dude is pissed, uh… why did that piss him off?

How does the hooded dude see anything with his eyes covered like that?

If the big reveal was gonna be that the preppy guy and the hooded guy are in fact one and the same, shouldn’t there NOT have been a million shots of the hooded guy’s face?

Does Not-Cristina Scabbia have any stage moves other than taking imaginary dumps? If you did a shot every time she cops a squat during the course of the video, you’d be dead from alcohol poisoning by the conclusion.

Given that they both scream and they both do clean vocals, is there any reason for this band to have two singers, other than that some dudes like brunettes and some dudes like blondes? Have they considered adding a redhead to round out the trinity? I notice they have no keyboardist…

Can I get chlamydia just from watching this?

Is this the worst band in all of music, or just the worst band in metal?


[via The PRP]

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