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Castevet’s Post-Voivod ‘Obsian’: U Jam?



I have a secret: There are ways to automatically, biologically, Pavlovianly cause me to immediately listen to your album. The easiest is to mention that it’s influenced by the work of Voivod guitarist Denis “Piggy” D’Amour. (The second-easiest is for your album to be recommended to me by Vince Neilstein.) But repping Piggy like that has a downside, cuz now your album is in the same sentence as one of our awesomest studs; does it deserve that?

Well, you probably could picture Piggy loving the shit out of Castevet and their new EP, Obsian (Profound Lore). There’s little resemblance to Voivod music, but Obsian definitely conjures the same types of magic. A Voivod fan will recognize kindred spirits in Castevet; everybody else will learn quickly cuz all six jams are awesome! Listen at Noisey.

Obsian comes out Tuesday. Pre-order here.


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