Fall Fashion: Anti-Blake Shirt Now On Sale


Nachtmystium anti-blake shirt

On Monday, it came out that Nachtmystium frontman Blake Judd had been arrested two days earlier. The charge was theft, his next court app was scheduled for tomorrow, and his bail was set at $25,000. The official details end there, but this morning our legal buds shared a couple impressions about this scant info: That it’s a big bail amount for a low-value theft implies that the judge foresaw a flight risk and/or was being a bastard about significant priors; and worse, Blakely seems to have hit the anti-jackpot by landing in the busiest department of corrections in the nation. Cook County slammer is hell on earth, they say.

So right about now Judd could probably do without a dose of public ridicule; may his visitors (today 3:30 p.m. – 8:30) opt to avoid mention of this new anti-Blake shirt ($12) for sale here. It’s a pre-shrunk Delta tee designed by “a disgruntled acquaintance of Blake Judd.” How better to tell the world you got hosed by a guy from Chicago!

Thanks: Stephen P

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