Shit That Comes Out Today

Sh*t That Comes Out Today: October 22, 2013


Cult of Erinyes Blessed Extinction

It seems like every day that passes pushes Halloween a day further away. So, like, while you’re waiting, check out these new jams. Strike that–while you’re anxious in the pants for the best holiday of the year, you must, must, must check out these new jams! No choice. Just rock.


Last Ten Seconds Of Life Invivo[exvivo]The Last Ten Seconds Of Life 
Invivo[Exvivo] (Density)
On a playlist with: Float Face Down, The Oppressor, Boris The Blade
Listen “Fertile Steps” (here) “Numbskull” (here)

Deathcore/death-whatever strikes a balance between emotion and delicacy. (Some bands actually capture a sizable bit of both — take for instance The Acacia Strain, who make sensationally violent and angry music with nuance and palatability.) But even the best in that respect can’t get low and gritty enough for something like Invivo[Exvivo]: Nothing about Invivo is fine and there is no delicacy. It’s like snorting gunpowder. And that’s why I love it. Because there’s no art, complexity, or effort to get in the way. It’s fucking pissed-off and screams at you like that time your mom caught you taking a shit in the copperware.


Reflections Exi(s)tReflections
Exi(s)t (Good Fight)
On a playlist with: Entities, Bermuda, Substructure
Listen Exi(s)t full stream (here)

This is the attitude of Exi(s)t: If you’re not in the mood for djent/slam then you can stfu. But the thing is that tons of bands can put out this album. And you won’t be writing home about Reflections. You probably won’t even remember who they are or that you heard the album. It’s all cheap thrills, like a free BDSM session and/or a night in Amsterdam! But while it’s happening, Exi(s)t is sexy, polished, heavy fucking steel — forgettable, but raw and irritated and modern. So, it’s worth one listen (if not a second or third).


Seremonia IhminenSeremonia
Ihminen (Svart)
On a playlist with: ???
Listen Ihminen full stream (here)

I put Ihminen on while doing some work. I had tasted the first few minutes and thought that it would make a perfect hum-and-type companion for my drab afternoon. But after a while I noticed that a) I hadn’t gotten a damn thing done, and b) I was completely enveloped. There’s just enough garage/tie-dye goofery here to trip and space you out sans substance. Ihminen is definitely proggy and post, but there’s a sure-fire obtuseness: Yeah Yeah Yeah-style choruses with weird Townsend-esque ascend/descend moods and, uh, it’s all sung in Finnish. There’s all kinds of words on the Internet about Ihminen, like “cult” and “odd” and “doom”. I hesitate to characterize it myself (uh, even though I kinda did, bite me) because there’s literally so much going on here. Fans of different genres will see different things. To me, that’s the mark of an awesome album.


Lodz Something in Us DiedLodz
Something In Us Died (Klonosphere)
On a playlist with: Cult Of Luna, Ghost Brigade, The End
Listen Something In Us Died full stream (here)

Bonjour. There must be something about French culture which plays so well into postmetal. I’ve always had a hard time putting my finger on (or in) it, but postmetal outputs like Something In Us Died have always strung a deeper chord with me. There’s something less groovy about the French; more discordant, but with cleaner choruses. That must be it. Or no, maybe it’s the arrangements — their schizophrenia, the swing between rock and metal and then all the way back to post. This is allowed and encouraged, and it’s what makes French post-bands (think Throatruiner Records) so uncharacteristically unpretentious. Something In Us Died stands above its rivals as cleaner, more injurious work. The assaults are frontal, but not overwhelming, and the ambiance and tone is subtle and morbid.


I See Stars New DemonsI See Stars
New Demons (Sumerian)
On a playlist with: Attack Attack!, Make Me Famous, Abandon All Ships
Listen “Murder Mitten” (here) “New Demons” (here)

New Demons is scenester, chintzy, vajazzled bullshit that causes a rumbling, burning “shut the fuck up” to erupt from my ass.



EdensCurseSymphonyOfSin-600x600Beehoover The Devil And His Footmen (Exile On Mainstream) listen listen listen
Cadaveria Karma DVD (Scarlet) watch
¤ Cult of Erinyes Blessed Extinction (Code666) listen
Eden’s Curse Symphony Of Sin (AFM) listen
Emphatic Another Life (Epochal Artists) listen
Endemise Far From The Light (Maple Metal) listen
Glass Cloud Perfect War Forever (Equal Vision) listen listen
Impera Pieces Of Eden (Escape) listen
KMFDM Opium reissue (Metropolis) listen
Rosetta - The AnaestheteKMFDM WWIII reissue (Metropolis) listen
Meek Is Murder Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters (Threshold of Pain) listen listen listen listen
Monolithe Monolithe IV (Debemur Morti) listen
Motorhead Aftershock (UDR) listen
Paavoharju Joko sinä tulet tänne alas tai minä nousen sinne (Svart) listen
Prospekt The Colourless Sunrise (Sensory) listen
Psychema Bygones (Inverse) listen
Rosetta The Anaesthete (Debemur Morti) listen
So Hideous Last Poem/First Light (self-released) listen
Tigertailz Knives EP (Scarlet) listen


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