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Limp Bizkit Ruin Guns N’ Roses, Ministry

Guess who Limp Bizkit were for Halloween?
Guess who Limp Bizkit were for Halloween?

Like a high school drama club mounting a production of Hamlet, Limp Bizkit are so inept that they can actually fuck up something which seems unfuckupable. We hear kids just learning to play guitar strum Guns N’ Roses songs like “Welcome to the Jungle” and “Sweet Child O’ Mine” all the time and make them sound perfectly acceptable, but these yo-yos can’t even do that right. If Fred Durst had put as much time into learning to sing as he did to copying Axl Rose’s stage moves, this might have been listenable. I guess we all have our priorities.

And in case that wasn’t horrendous enough, the band has also released a butchering of Ministry’s “Thieves.” I didn’t get very far when trying to listen to it before I got distracted by this question: when Fred Durst made his arrangement with Satan to become famous, was shouting “YEAH!” at the beginning of every song one of the stipulations?

[via The PRP and The PRP]

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