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Use Your Noodle: Djentstick Now Being Mass Produced


The NoodleWhile Olivier Gustafsson is the creator of the so-called “djentstick,” it was Miguel Yépez who gave the product its name. One would have assumed that this act of marketing genius would have given Yépez control over the djenstick market — but I guess he wasn’t able to raise enough capital in time or something, ’cause this company called Slaperoo now makes what are ostensibly djentsticks under the name of “The Noodle.” And they’re actually for sale (and they ain’t cheap).

Our pals over at Gear Gods filed the below video report on The Noodle as part of their ongoing coverage of NAMM 2014:

I am really, REALLY glad that these things cost a minimum of $250 and not $25, because I would totally buy one for $25, and then I’d spend so much time with it you’d think I was an adolescent boy who just discovered jerking off. It would be Procrastination’s most devious weapon in the war against productivity to date.

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