This Gives a Whole New Meaning to the Phrase “Circle Pit”: Polish Town Names Traffic Roundabout After Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman


The Grammys may have forgotten about Jeff Hanneman… but the Polish haven’t!

According to these Polish news outlets, Jaworzna, a city in southern Poland, has named a traffic circle after the late Slayer guitarist. Actually, they’ve named it “Jeff Hanneman’s Circle Pit,” which is even better.

Jeff Hannemans Circle Pit in Poland

So how did this happen, you ask? Joanna Macek Czuszek and Krzysztof Czuszek, proprietors of a company called Art-Com Ltd., won the right to name the traffic circle as part of an annual charity auction… and so it will remain “Jeff Hanneman’s Circle Pit” until next year’s auction. Here are a couple of photos of this most metal of couples:

Joanna Macek Czuszek and Krzysztof Czuszek 2 Joanna Macek Czuszek and Krzysztof Czuszek

The text of the sign reads as follows (courtesy of Death Metal Underground):

Jeff Hanneman’s Circle Pit
unforgettable Slayer guitarist

During the XXII Final of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, the President of Jaworzno put up for auction the traffic circle in the city centre, which was later autioned by ART-COM Ltd. The company could give the name to the traffic circle and became its ‘symbolic’ owner for the period of one year. The money gathered during the XXII Final of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity was allocated for the purchase of specialized equipment for children’s emergency medicine and deserving health care of seniors.

And here some more pics of the sign going up:

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So that’s obviously pretty goddamn awesome. Any Polish readers wanna snap some “Show Us Your MetalSucks” photos with the sign?

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