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Barren Womb: Like a More Punk Version of Kvelertak



The first thing I thought when I heard Barren Womb’s new track “Kill Hicks” is “Wow, this band sounds like a more punk version of Kvelertak!” That’s a compliment, because we love Kvelertak.

But where Kvelertak take everything over the top with herculean bombast, Barren Womb aim to strip it down to its core. You’ll hear it immediately in their feedback-drenched, lo-fi production with a gritty, raw performance, and then you’ll be shocked to learn that all that noise comes from just two dudes (instead of six!), a drummer and guitarist, with plenty of cowbell and some Rolling Stones-style clinky piano overdubs thrown in for good measure. Gray-beards like us could also reference bands like Refused and The Bronx here, both of which are apt comparisons. But whichever way you slice it this stuff just plain rocks.

Stream “Kill Hicks” below. The Trondheim, Norway duo will release their debut album the sun’s not yellow, it’s chicken on March 11th; pre-order here.

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