Hey, There’s a New Emmure Video! (And, Get This: They’re Angry!)


Emmure have a new video called “Nemesis.” It sounds typically Emmure-y (read: breakdown-y) and features Mensa-level lyrics such as these, repeated over and over again for emphasis:

I’ll never be what you want me to be
Don’t give a fuck what you think
Just get the fuck away from me


This is my message to a dying world
I fucking hate you
You’ll get what you deserve

So, clearly Frankie’s mad at someone. But who? When Emmure first announced their new album Axl noticed it has a song called “Free Publicity” which he (and I!) really hope calls out MetalSucks, “Get in the Ring”-style. This is not that song. We’ll keep hoping!

Also: Palmeri is apparently a Yankees fan. BECAUSE OF COURSE HE’S A YANKEES FAN! Queens traitor!

[via The PRP]

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