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The Heaviest Thing You Will Hear All Day: Vainaja



Something about this description from the press copy accompanying Vainaja’s new album Kadotetut really struck me:

Vainaja is a three-headed metal band from Finland. Taking influences from early 90’s death metal and doom, their debut album “Kadotetut” is one of the heaviest records ever made in the Finnish language.

I mean, whoa, right? That’s mighty boastful. So naturally I had to click.

The press copy is incorrect, though: calling Kadotetut “one of” the heaviest records ever made in the Finnish language doesn’t do it justice… this is probably THE heaviest album ever made in the Finnish language. Not that I’ve heard every metal album ever recorded in Finnish… but how could it possibly get any heavier than this? God damn this shit rules. It’s like a grimmer, darker Gojira, with all the same elephants marching face-stomps but with even more intensity.

Crank it below. Kadotetut comes out May 23rd via Svart Records.

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