Body Count Shoot (White) People Who Talk Sh*t in New Video for “Talk Sh*t, Get Shot”


My disorganized, haphazard thoughts on Body Count’s new video, “Talk Shit, Get Shot”:

  • Only two shit-talker’s lives are spared during the course of the video. The first a young African-American man; instead of getting shot, he is forced to attend a Body Count show. The implication is that seeing Body Count perform is as bad as getting shot, which a) is probably not true, and b) is a weird thing for a band to imply about themselves.
  • The second is a pretty white lady in a short skirt.
  • Why isn’t this person at all concerned about the shooting?
  • So this dude is magic?
  • The only thing more adorable than the thought of well-to-do, post-menopausal white ladies trying to use the internet is Body Count’s assumption that well-to-do, post-menopausal white ladies do use the internet, and, furthermore, use the internet to talk shit about Body Count, and, further-furthermore, know who Body Count are.
  • Come to think of it, Goldman Sachs types probably don’t know who Body Count are, either.
  • This is TOTALLY the face I make when I’m pleased with myself for making some witty comment, so they nailed it there.
  • This might be the best music video ever made.

Oy Gevalt Body CountBody Count’s new album, Manslaughter, is out June 10 on Sumerian. The band is on Mayhem Fest this year, too. Get dates here.

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