Photo Caption Contest

Photo Caption Contest: Win a Grab Bag of Vinyls, CDs and/or T-Shirts from the MS Mansion


Last week we gave away five hand-screened, limited edition posters Mike Wohlberg produced for our 2013 South by South Death show (featuring Goatwhore, Norma Jean, Royal Thunder, KEN Mode, Howl and Gypsyhawk). Check out what they look like here. The winners are: 

  • YourFavoriteBandWillGetWorse: “Jim was forced into hooking at night to pay for his Hot Topic habit.”
  • Tom Dombroski: “This fence has empty spaces like my soul.”
  • Ben Rezac: “What? So what if they’re a little big,they’re hand me downs…The gauntlets are for eating when you don’t have utensils/picking berries, the jacket is for protection, and the pants are for storage. The mascara? The mascara is just badass.”
  • Cosmic Evee: “Don’t worry, bros. It’s vegan leather.”
  • Jim: “Desolation boulevard? Nah man, this is Pathetic lane, Desolation is 2 blocks over that way.”

This week we’re giving away an assortment of good stuff we’ve got at the Mansion. You know the deal: All you gotta do to enter is come up with a funny caption for the below photo and enter it into the comments section. Thanks to Danielle Levitt’s website (again!) for providing the photo. 

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