Xzibit Raps, Makes The “O” Face and Delivers Emmy-Winning Performance in New Within Temptation Video


Within Temptation / XzibitThe above is not a bad Axl Rosenberg Photoshop job. It’s the really real image that Within Temptation are using to promote their new video for “And We Run,” featuring rapper Pimp My Ride host Xzibit. It kinda looks like Xzibit is busting a nut in the background on some invisible mistress’s back while Sharon den Adel is on a higher plane of consciousness where all human sexual desire is irrelevant, completely above it all. Whoever designed this image gets an A++++ WDBWA from me; please come and work for MetalSucks, we have a position open!

So, since Within Temptation’s first single from this album was the only song of theirs I’ve ever liked, I decided to give this one a shot. It starts off with the cheese you’d expect from this band, although nothing especially creamy. And then Xzibit starts rapping and I just lost it — full on triple-créme in effect over here! But not just that — we get to see him act, too! Xzibit deserves a fucking Emmy. This is pure gold and it is probably the best thing you will see on this shortened, pre-holiday weekend day.

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