Sergeant D Wrote a Slam Song about Black Veil Brides


MS writer, modern trend professor and troll extraordinaire Sergeant D’s band Enpedestalment has released a new song called “Hashtag bvbarmy” — which premiered on Stuff You Will Hate, naturally — that serves as a tribute to the Black Veil Brides and their fans. Here’s a description from the Sarge himself:

This song (ft Samantha from GUTTURAL SLUG on vocals) is inspired by our boys in BLACK VEIL BRIDES and their tireless fight against neckbeard virgin losers who can’t stand to see a bunch of good-looking guys cherrypick the most superficial elements of “metal,” add some marketing, and become millionaires.

Dunno what the lyrics are but they’re surely brilliant. And Sarge has really upped his production game! Track sounds tight.

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