Best Worst Video Ever of the Day: Stardust Reverie’s “Universal Horrors”


The more I watch Stardust Reverie’s video for “Universal Horrors” the more I’m convinced it’s just an elaborate, wizard-level troll. Everything about it so well-done and expertly thought out for maximum awkwardness that there’s no way it isn’t all intentional, right? MS reader Guppusmaximus — who is probably in the band or a family member/friend — calls them “one of the best Viking Metal acts to come out in the last 20 years.” Total troll bait!

Some random thoughts:

  • That diva. WOULD. How else to explain why she’s hanging out with all these lame, old dudes?
  • She plays flute AND recorder! Dat talent.
  • Incredible green-screen imagery.
  • Guitarist on the right’s red JEM guitar, which he clearly utilizes to the fullest extent possible.
  • Guitarist on the right’s collared shirt, which I guarantee he thinks is his best/coolest one. (also: his completely bored facial expression @ 1:24)
  • Guitarist on the left’s illuminated pickups (just in case it’s too dark on stage!).
  • Revolutionary and groundbreaking camera work and innovative angles throughout.
  • Song is weirdly catchy!

Make sure you watch the whole thing, it just keeping better and better!  Brodsky, Spangenberg, Nasso et al. got NOTHING on this. A++++ WDBWA

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