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New Within the Ruins Track is Sumeriancore as Fuqq


Now that After the Burial have largely moved beyond their Sumeriancore roots — and Sumerian Records isn’t even signing metal bands anymore, let alone Sumeriancore ones — Sumeriancore experts everywhere agree unanimously that Within the Ruins are the reigning torch-bearers for this once promising but steadily declining micro-genre of metal!

This brand new Within the Ruins song “Gods Amongst Men” has all the touchmarks of classic Sumeriancore: operating-room-like sterility, clicky drums, guitars re-amped and copied/pasted into mechanical synchronicity, shreddy/noodly lead guitar, bouncy djent riffs and completely generic vocals. It’s also catchy as hell. In short: it’s fucking great! Check it out below.

Phenomena comes out on July 22nd via eOne and can be pre-ordered here.. Catch Within the Ruins live on Summer Slaughter.

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