Awesome Whitechapel Video, Awesome Whitechapel Jam, Iffy Whitechapel Song Title


Whitechapel Worship The Digital Age

Among any handful of dudes there will be shared opinions, things agreed on by all. For example, all (?) of your beloved editorial staff of MetalSucks agrees that Whitechapel used to be not-awesome and have become awesome. Good for them! And good for us fans who want to like stuff; it’s heartbreaking not to, like a little door has closed in our hearts. Well, come on in, Whitechapel. Have a seat!

But with awesomeness comes responsibility. That is, Whitechapel now must undertake the Sisyphean task of maintaining the hot streak that started in 2012 via their self-titled album. They must resist the notion that once a band gets awesome then only awesomeness flows from them. In this spirit, the Whitechapel organization might consider buckling down on the little things like lyrics and titles (but their amps are fine). Now it’s true, growler Phil Bozeman’s verses might be about fucking a door knob for all we know, but the chorus and title are a different story.

Take their new jam, “Worship The Digital Age,” and its boffo new video: it rips, but don’t we listeners bristle at the clunky title? Sure, its meaning is duh-proof, but the word choice is tone-deaf: the word “worship” doesn’t match the word “age.” An “age” is lived in, remembered, forgotten, etc. — but no ritual is performed nor religion hatched in devotion to a period of time. A great old-school producer wouldn’t have signed off on that. So let’s decide here and now that the next Whitechapel album is to be produced by Desmond Child and Gus Dudgeon lol.

Whitechapel’s awesome Our Endless War is out now via Metal Blade.

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