Decrepit Birth Meets the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles



I’m really looking forward to seeing Decrepit Birth on this year’s Summer Slaughter tour — it’s high time (pun intended) I see those dudes live again, been way too long. But that tour doesn’t start for a month yet, so DB drummer Samus Paulicelli is keeping himself busy the way he’s been doing for years now — by creating awesome, silly, and silly awesome drum videos.

Gear Gods tipped us off to Samus’ latest expedition, an ambitious 12-minute playthrough of all the music from the 1992 SNES game Turtles in Time (including the ending credits!), shot in one take, unedited. I can only imagine the time that went not only into writing the drum parts but arranging them all into a sequence that makes sense, then grabbing clips from the game itself for the small screen in the corner. Well done, dude. Cowabunga!

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