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It’s a Trapt!


Its a TraptUpdate, 11:11 a.m.: Rob from Metal Injection has just brought it to my attention that one of the dudes from Atreyu is now in this band (above, second from right). So now I hate them even more. Whoopee.

Trapt are not Chevelle. That probably seems obvious given that they have different names, but I can never remember which one is which. If you told me they were actually the same band playing under different monikers, like an incredibly shitty version of The Bronx and El Mariachi Bronx, I would totally believe you. Right now, there’s probably some Trapt/Chevelle fans reading this who are like, “Fuck you, asshole! They aren’t the same band at all!” But what does that person know? He likes Trapt and/or Chevelle.

Why am I even fucking talking about this? Because I just read on The PRP that Trapt a) are still around and b) are trying to raise fifty grand through Indiegogo so that they can make a new, high quality album. And how do we know it will be of high quality? Why, just look at the video they’ve released to announce the crowdfunding campaign! It would have cost about ten dollars for them to make this look decent, but instead, they opted to just shoot it on someone’s phone and put it out into the world. With that kind of work ethic, how can their new album not be high quality?

As of this writing, the campaign has been going for a day, and the band has raised roughly $3,500. That’s not an insanely impressive, Devin Townsend-esque fundraising pace, but it’s also not a depressingly embarrassing, Orgy-esque crowfunding failure. Maybe we’ll get lucky, and the campaign will lose steam. I wish there was a way we could all band together to send these dudes photos of ourselves spending money on anything and everything else. But even if there was, we’d probably just send it to Chevelle by accident.

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