Ride the Laughter: Metallica Bring the Yucks to Glastonbury


On purpose, I mean! Not just from, like, Lars’ drumming or whatever.

See, what happened is this: Metallica were booked for the decidedly non-metal Glastonbury Festival, and then James Hetfield started narrating this History Channel mini-series about hunting bears, whereupon some people who may or may not have been going to the festival anyway were all like, “Wait a minute, James Hetfield from Metallica likes to HUNT?!?!”, and started a not-very-successful petition to get the band kicked off the show.

So how did Metallica respond? Well, they sold these t-shirts at the fest…glastallica shirt 1glasstallica shirt 2glasstallica shirt 4 glasstallica shirt 3…and they opened their set with this short film by Julien Temple, who you probably know as “The dude who directed Van Halen’s video for ‘Jump’“:

By the way, if there’s ever been an image that better exemplifies each member Metallica’s role in the band, I ain’t seen it:


ANYWAY, here’s the band’s full set at the festival, if you’re into that kinda thing:

[via The PRP]

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