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The Soundtrack to Your Hazy, Dreary Summer: USA Out of Vietnam


Here’s a little something different to seque you into the relaxi-taxi vibe of the holiday weekend: USA Out of Vietnam, a Montreal-based band (got all that? break out those maps) that combines elements of drone, psych-, post- and psychedelic rock into a potent sonic stew I think you’re gonna find tasty.

USA Out of Vietnam certainly aren’t as heavy as many of the bands we frequently post about, but there’s a certain specialness to their sound that creates just the right atmosphere for these hazy, dreary, long and insufferably humid summer days. I’m probably just projecting here, but it’s like they completely understand both sides of the coin — the bittersweetness of summer’s wonderfully long days and merciless heat — and have encapsulated that feeling perfectly in musical form with their new track “Tonight, The Dead Walk,” posted below.

Crashing Diseases and Incurable Airplanes is out now on New Damage Records. Check out the band on Facebook and order the album here.

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