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L.A. Guns Split with Bassist, Reunite with Bassist


cross eyed nosebleedI know L.A. Guns are completely irrelevant, and many of you wish I’d spend this time writing about any number of other bands. But LAG’s constant line-up changes have become confusing to the point of hilarity, and, consequently, I feel compelled to share.

Everything below is true — I’m not trolling you. These are cold, hard facts:

L.A. Guns have split with bassist Scott Griffin, who, as a result, will now be re-joined by Kenny Kweens. Griffin re-joined the band in 2011, replacing Kweens. Kweens joined the band in 2009, replacing Griffin. Griffin joined the band for the first time in 2007, when he replaced Adam “Skunk” Hamilton. Hamilton came into the fold in 2002, replacing Muddy, who replaced Chuck Gerric, who replaced Stefan Adika, who replaced Kelly Nickels, who replaced Johnny Crypt, who replaced Kelly Nickels.

Kweens joins vocalist Phil Lewis, drummer Steve Riley, and guitarist Michael Grant. Grant joined the band in 2013, following the departure of Frank Wilsey, who joined the band in 2011, stepping in for Tracey Blades, who himself replaced Charlie Poulson in 2004. Poulson, of course, took the spot vacated by namesake Tracii Guns, who left to form his own version of the band that at various points included bassists Jeremy Guns, Danny Nordahl, Eric Grossman, and Johnny Martin, as well as drummers Chad Stewart, Nicky Alexander, and Doni Gray.

That leaves Lewis and Riley as the sole remaining members from LAG’s “classic” line-up, although Riley left the band from 1992-1994, during which time he was never officially replaced, and Lewis left the band from ’95-’99, during which time his spot was filled by Chris Van Dahl, Michael Starr, Joe Leste, and Jizzy Pearl. Pearl was also in Guns’ other L.A. Guns, where he replaced Marty Casey, who took over for Paul Black, who was booted from the first version of L.A. Guns in 1987 to make room for Phil Lewis. Pearl was eventually replaced in the second version of L.A. Guns by Dilana, who was replaced by Tony West, who was replaced by Scott Foster Harris.

So, to review, because I know this was a lot to digest: the current line-up of the original version of L.A. Guns consists of Phil Lewis, Steve Riley, Kenny Kweens and Michael Grant. Although I can’t guarantee that this will still be the case by the time this story is published. The band very well could have gone through another line-up change over lunch.

[via Classic Rock]

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