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Maynard James Keenan Sells Garish Hollywood Home for $2.37 Million


Keenan House ViewThese photos of Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan’s now former home are so outrageous you’ve just got to see them. The home, which Maynard designed himself in 2001, features some… shall we say, bold, design choices.

MS co-head-honcho Axl Rosenberg aptly described the house, which sits in the shadows of the famous “Hollywood” sign, as “like one of those Vegas suites with a theme, the theme in this case apparently being either ‘Arabian Nights’ or ‘Liberace Moves to New Mexico.'” To say the place looks bizarre would be an understatement. Then again this is the man who wrote “Aenima” and “Parabola” and he’s certainly entitled to those choices, so if a bathroom that looks like a Navajo spa inspires him to get back to work with Tool, so be it.

In March we told you that Maynard had put the home on sale for $2.795 million. Now Yahoo is reporting that the house went for a final sale price of $2.37 million, about 15% below asking. Did some zealous (and rich) Tool fan want to inhabit the house that Maynard built, vicariously (rimshot!) living the rock star life? Or did some rando like the location and figure it’d cost about $440,000 to re-do everything, deciding to make an appropriately lower offer?

Stew on a couple more photos as you ponder, and view the whole gallery here:

Keenan House 2 Keenan House 3 Keenan House 4

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