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Swear In This New Sworn In Track “I Don’t Really Love You”

Posting the album cover because instead of a band photo because if you see what these dudes look like it might be ruined for you

I thought I remembered Sworn In as being much different than they sound on this new track “I Don’t Really Love You,” so I went back and checked out “Deadpan” which we premiered on MetalSucks back in 2013. And no, my memory was not wrong!

The new track finds Sworn In experimenting with atmosphere and melody in ways they didn’t previously, and even though I dug the old Sworn In I think I like this version better. There’s still plenty of insanely brutal riffs, so don’t think these guys have gone all soft on you. OK, maybe they’ve gone a little soft, but in a good way (mostly) — the clean vocals have a slight emo-y timbre that I’m not crazy about (think: Spencer Sotelo), but generally I dig this new direction. You can thank Revolver for the premiere.

The Lovers/The Devil comes out April 7th via Razor & Tie.

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