Vertebrae33 Unsigned Band Contest: See the Winners’ Artwork Right Here


In January, we launched a contest whereby unsigned bands could get artist Vertebrae33, who has done work for SkeletonwitchWhitechapelKylesaIntronaut, and some dumb metal blog (amongst others), to create their next merch for FREE. Unsurprisingly, hundreds of bands entered, but the always-dedicated Mr. 33 listened to ’em all and found two bands he liked so much that he named they both winners.

The artwork Vertebrae33 did for those bands has now been completed, and is available for your viewing pleasure below. So those of you who entered but didn’t win can weep with envy, and the rest of us can rejoice in the majesty of this most metallic of art.

Here they are…





Thanks yet AGAIN to all the great bands that entered! And don’t forget to keep up with Vertebrae33 via his websiteFacebook page, and Twitter account. He is also the founder of Metal Band Art, an awesome website that is all about, well… guess, dummy. We suggest you check out that site, too!


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