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Dew-Scented’s New Song Could “Affect Gravity”


dew-scented affect gravityI can’t remember the last time I was actually as stoked for the release of a new Dew-Scented album as I am for next month’s Intermination. I mean, I’ve always liked Dew-Scented… but between their last single, “On a Collison Course,” and their new single, “Affect Gravity,” I’m starting to think this record could be really, really fun. I mean, these songs don’t reinvent the wheel or nuthin’ — they’re just good metal songs, y’know? They’re so headbangable!!!

Check out “Affect Gravity” for yourself below and see for yourself! Dew-Scented’s Intermination, comes out June 30 on Prosthetic. Pre-order it here.

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