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Daughters Burn $1,400 Check, Appear to be Total Badasses To Fans Who Have Never Heard of Direct Deposit


daughters - dirty rotten filthy stinking richSo this video of Daughters guitarist Nicholas Sadler burning a $1,400 royalty check from the band’s former label, Robotic Empire, started making the rounds last week, garnering the group a lot of attention and setting off a debate centered around whether or not Sadler’s apparent disregard for money made him a total badass (the opinion generally held by kids who have yet to learn that money doesn’t grow on trees) or a total dumbass (the opinion generally held by adults who know the value of the dollar).

Personally, I fall in the category of “People Who Think Sadler is a Dumbass” — and not because the idea of tossing away so much money is wasteful.

My first thought upon seeing this video was: “Does Sadler think none of us have ever heard of Direct Deposit?” This check could ostensibly amount to a pay stub or receipt and have no real monetary value, thereby allowing Sadler to burn it and give the appearance of being a capitalism-defying rebel without having to actually sacrifice a dollar.

But even if you don’t buy that, Metal Injection points out that in the modern era, there are apps with which “you can just cash checks on your phone by taking pictures of them.”

So, basically, there are three valid ways to interpret this video:

  1. Sadler got the money the check represents via a method which did not require him to keep the check, thereby allowing him to make this video. If this is the case, he’s an idiot to think no one would figure out that he didn’t actually lose a dime on this.
  2. Sadler really did burn a $1,400 check. If this is the case, he’s an idiot to think that money couldn’t be put to good use… even if he didn’t wanna keep it himself, he could have donated it to those in need.
  3. Sadler didn’t deposit the check because he thinks Robotic Empire needs the money more than he did. If this is the case, he’s an idiot for using the opportunity to give the appearance of being above money.

I have nothing against Daughters as a band, but as far publicity stunts go, this is a pretty dumb one. Not as dumb as, say, faking the abduction of your vocalist, but still pretty dumb, no?

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