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Pig Destroyer’s Neo-Classic Prowler in the Yard Gets Remixed and Remastered


When Decibel inducted Pig Destroyer’s 2001 full-length debut Prowler in the Yard into their Hall of Fame, I remember seeing an ad for an upcoming remixed and remastered reissue of the album. But that was almost two years ago! It seems that things kinda just happen in their own good time for PxDx. Which is okay, but the results are always, without fail, incredible.

And I’m sure you see where I’m going with this: the Prowler reissue will finally be released on September 4! Sez a press release:

“Fully remixed and remastered by guitarist/engineer Scott Hull, the reissue will be available as a 2CD set, LP and digital download.  All of the editions will include a never-before-heard bonus track from the original Prowler sessions, expanded artwork, exclusive photos and new liner notes including the complete Decibel Magazine Hall of Fame piece on the album.”

And in case you’re a purist or you just wanna contrast and compare, the original version of the album will be included with the CD set as well. In fact, for the sake of such a comparison, here’s the original version of Prowler‘s “Scatology  Homework”…

…and here’s the newly remixed and remastered version of that same song:

Touching a classic — even a flawed one — can be a risky proposition, but the result here sound totally rad: bigger, meatier, gnarlier, everything-er.

Whether or not you’ve been in love with Prowler in the Yard for years now or you’re just getting into the world’s greatest grindcore band in 2015, I don’t see any way you can not own this thing. Only 2,000 copies of the CD will be pressed, though, so you better pre-order it from Relapse ASAP!

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