Sock Puppet Pantera Do the ’90s Video Parody Surprisingly Well



If you haven’t seen a Sock Puppet Parody metal video, you haven’t been with us long. At this point, those guys have racked up a serious list of metal bands they’ve marooned–there’s Slayer, Drowning Pool, Slipknot, Immortal, Metallica, and as of today, Pantera.

The video is for “Sock,” a parody of “Walk,” and while it’s pretty much what you’d expect–there’s a sock Anselmo, a sock Dimebag, and so on–it does some pretty great stuff mocking those strobe light motion effects used in pretty much every ’90s metal video. You know, like in “Enter Sandman,” where they–

Wait, is that actually Vinnie Paul? Wow, they actually got Vinnie Paul to do a one-liner in their sock puppet video! That’s kind of legit. It’s like metal Sesame Street up in this piece. Maybe he’s showing solidarity since their sock drummer, Shinnie Paul, got kicked out of a bar in New Heeland (AHAHAHAHAHAHA, God I’m lonely).

Anyway, watch the video below. Vinnie shows up and delivers his forced line at the end.

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